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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sheri and Luci - Sheri's B-Day July 16, 2010

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  1. Luci and I have taken a few days many really funny things have happened that must be scripted, and kept for our posterity!

    A short note from Luci
    Yesterday, November 09, 2010, Sheri was really busy trying to get refreshments ready to take to her and Harold's Bible Study when I begin to feel really insecure and clingy to Sheri's legs. She was patient with me at first, but after I made her 'trip' and loose her balance, she gave me a stern word..."Luci, you must not get between my legs, as I may step on your little foot, along with both of us taking a tumble!" She meant 'business' because her voice tone was different and I got the 'message'but I still felt insecure as I knew she was leaving shortly. Sheri tried to assure me that Darren would be home very soon and I would have him at home and wouldn't be alone...and...sure enough, Darren got home early, before Sheri had to leave, and I was soooooo happy that I jumped up for JOY! Suddenly, all my insecurities had vanished and I felt like my self confidence had returned! Darren played 'Jug' with me for a while, but he was tired and we went to bed early. That's okay, as I was ready for a few 'winks of sleep' too. I hear Sheri tell Harold that Darren is my fav person in our home...and although I love them all, I must admit that Darren is sort of like a big brother to me, and plays with me like a pup likes to play, and he doesn't get tired of playing as he's young and strong and very kind to me...I have a great family and know I am loved!
    Until next blog, may you all be safe, at peace within yourselves, and be a little kinder to each others and especially your pets...
    Luci- Linda- (another nick-name for me - Sheri says Linda means 'pretty'!!!!!