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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Luci and Sheri on a walk today...10.14.2010

Hello friends,

Sorry I haven't written a blog for a while...just seems like time slips away these beautiful autumn days...so cool outdoors, wonderful weather for walks in the park with Sheri.

Today we had an late evening walk around the elementary school, playground, the meadow, and to the walking park. It was nice there, quiet, a cool breeze, and Sheri let me stop at my fav trees where I left my scent and picked up a few new ones! Oh, how much fun that walk in the park with all the trees and a big circular wide walk with a grassy playground in the middle. It felt really good to take our time and enjoy the beautiful weather with no other doggies there. I did one naughty thing that Sheri told me was not the thing to do. I noticed that Sheri had tossed her gum under a tree in a grassy spot, and something got into me that said, "you need that gum" and boy was it good for a few seconds until I accidently swolled it...I didn't feel too badly as this was the first time I'd gotten to taste and chew gum, even if it was 'used'! Next time, I'm hoping that Sheri will give me a new shiny piece of that spearmint she chews on our walks! After all, my family know I am a family member and like the same things they like...even chewing gum now!

More stories to come...lots has happened in the past month that I want to write about...so stay tuned...for my next blog...

Love to all my friends and fans,
Luci - "DoLittle" (sheri's latest nickname for me...that fits me...I like it)