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Monday, March 21, 2011

First Day of Spring Walk

A pic for you who follow our blog made yesterday, First Day of Spring.  In our backyard, a "Lady Banksia Yellow Rose"  It smells heavenly, so says Sheri, and it smells just okay to me, Luci !

Blue Bonnets on our walk yesterday...Aren't they pretty ?  "I liked smelling them" says Luci !

First Day of Spring

First Day of Spring in the Park and Dog Walk

Sheri, my mom, as some people call her, took me on a walk in my most fav park ! I'm always excited when starts to put on my collar and leash and let out a little bark and jump up to help her. I start out running fast because my energy level is at it't peak, and Sheri has to ask me to slow down a little, Luci, we'll get there soon enough.

Walking is my fav exercise and activity because I love all the new smells, sights, sounds, and meeting new people and their doggies. Sheri lets me stop pretty often for a pit stop or just to smell something. Things smelled extra good as there had been lots of dogs on walks today. We met a young couple who had a dog, unleased, and Sheri said, "Oh, no, that little dog needs a leash!" Luckily, his owners turned another way and we didn't have to meet them face-to-face !

I love people of all ages and want to make friends on our walks. But...I haven't quite gotten enough courage to make a doggie friend on our first visit. Some dogs that are really big scare me and I want to bark at them ! Others that are more my size, I'm not afraid and will say 'hello' to them.

 Sheri likes to make photos with her iPhone as we walk.  I've learned to stop when she says that word and be still.  Today she made lots of pics of Blue Bonnets, Texas' state flower.  She told me these were the first she has seen so it was extra exciting for her.  I liked to smell them and they did smell good.

It was a fun hour of walking, exploring, meeting new people and doggies, and finding the Blue Bonnets for Sheri made her very happy.  When she is  happy,  I am too ! 

Until next time we blog,
Have a happy Spring Day !
With Luv and puppy dog kisses,
Luci and Sheri
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