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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Drop Box

Happy Thanksgiving

Dear Friends and Fans,

Hoping that everyone will have a Happy Thanksgiving with family and loved ones tomorrow. Sheri has been expressing her attitude of gratitude for the tangible and intangible things of life. I'm not sure what those two words mean but I do know that I am thankful for the little things in my life that make me a special loved corgi pup in my family. Darren makes up games for me to play and he made me a new 'JUG on a String' yesterday. It wasn't quite the same as my old one, but I am getting used to it and 'JUG' is still my favorite of all the games we play. Darren takes extra time with me when he gets in late from work and plays outside on the grass with my yellow soft rubber freezbee. He tells me I'm getting better at it, just learning to jump real high with my short legs is hard, but I don't stop trying because I want to please him and get rewards of petting and hugging!

Sheri makes me feel special because she makes time for a daily walk down to the walking park and around the school and lets me stop often to smell flowers and other things that only a dog can love. She also makes up my meals with homemade doggy foods, people foods that agree with me, that doesn't upset my tummy. She read on the dog web about how to make homemade dogfood and boy do those meals beat all that ole canned and dry dog food with no taste! Sheri lets me sit in her lap when she is in her chair and massages my neck and back. Sometimes I get so relaxed that I take a nap and just relax. She also brushes my coat and I like that too because it feels so good!

Harold is a good man and he likes me a lot. He has 'spoiled' me with giving me a few 'Cherrios' at breakfast each morning. He tells me that I have 'it made' whatever that means...Sometimes I sleep with Harold if Darren isn't at home when it's bedtime, and Harold likes my company...he has told me that and I believe it. I like to rest on the big sofa along side Harold when he takes a nap. He tells me that I must be quiet and still and that's what I do because we do like those naps...

Last of all, I continually try to make friends with Kitty Kat (Sunshine) and sometimes she lets me get really close to her without hissing at me. I discovered that she likes to smell my food, and that's when I get a little defensive and protect that bowl of homemade food. Once in a while, Sheri will say, "I think you two animals are beginning to form a real relationship/friendship!" She says it with happiness in her voice and I like the sound of her voice when she talks like this.

It's a good life for me here in the DeLoach family...and I am thankful that God allowed me to be adopted by this family and love and care for me just like another person! Yes, I think I am a little person...sometimes...but Sheri says my 'dog instincts kick in when we are on walks!

Love with paw prints,
Luci Linda
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