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Friday, August 27, 2010

A Visit to the Park/Cemetery...

Hello my doggy loving friends,

Yesterday, Sheri drove us to a new place I'd never visited! It was really BIG and lots of trees, a playground with little kids playing, a few strange looking dogs on the walking track with their masters. At first it appeared okay with all the trees and mulch around them, that had new and different odors. Sheri and I walked a 1/2 mile on the track, then she let me explore things! I especially liked the oldest cemetery in our town. We walked on the perimeters, observing tall monuments as Sheri would tell me what some of the said! On the back of one of those big stones, engraved, was a question...Have You Seen My Sweetie? Sheri said she'd never seen anything like that encrypted on a grave stone monument, and especially in bold black letters. It felt a little strange and erry. Right after that I took off toward our our car, barked a few times, saying, 'let's go home!' Guess I was out of my comfort zone for sure! Sheri told me that the dog trainer told her to start taking me to different places now that I'm the right age. It is supposed to help me become part of this great big world with interest and acceptance! Sheri reassures me when I feel a little scared that she is right with me and just relax. Our visit today was one of times I felt more than a little scared in that cemetery. Hope we don't re-visit there anytime soon! Luv to all my friends, Luci. Can't end anymore with dog days of summer, the weather has finally broken into cooler temps and rain earlier in the week..it is SO nice to be outside!