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Friday, September 10, 2010

Luci brings comfort and peace to our sick friend

September 10, 2010
Hello everyone,
This afternoon, Sheri came home from shopping and as she promised me, we drove out of town to visit our dear friend who is very sick with 'ALS.' I am not sure what that means, but I do like to go visit her because we have a connection that no one can explain. Sheri calls it, 'Luci's innate ability to sense when a sick person needs comfort and love from an animal.'

When we got to the nursing home, Sheri walked me around the place for a potty break. She says the walk helps give me and her too, a good workout! The gardener had put out new fall flowers, mums, in bright yellows and reds in the flower gardens. Color Spots, as Sheri told me. I had to examine the fresh, soft, good smelling soil in that flower bed because it sure looked like a good place I might dig, sometime...when all alone, as that is one of my fav things to do...

When we went inside, there were several little grey haired ladies in wheelchairs that noticed me and wanted to pet me and talk about their pets in their past. One elderly gentleman paid special attention to me and told us that he knew our friend and that she sure is a nice lady! Sheri notified the nurse at the nurse's station that we were here to visit our friend. Her room is right next to where the nurses sit when not helping other residents.

Sheri knocked on the door and said, 'Hello,........., Luci and I are here to visit you!" ( in her most cheerful voice!) and asked if she would like a visit. Of course she did and nodded her head, 'yes.' I sensed that our friend was sicker than I'd seen her last time and I wanted to get close and lay by her. Sheri pulled a chair up really close to her hospital bed, and told me to jump up in (Sheri's lap.) I did what she said because I knew our sweet friend would like to see me and let me give her a few butterfly kisses on her hand. Sheri began to share things that had happened since we last visited. I wanted to get closer to her, so Sheri let me lay on the edge of her bed, with my head facing down, and I snuggled up real close, so she could feel my heart beating and hear my breathing. It was comfortable there, and I felt at home and took a nap. I was still as a mouse because I knew this is important when people are not feeling well. Our friend expressed to Sheri that she really loved me being there with her and feeling me close to her. Sometimes our friend would make a groaning sound of pleasure about me, because she is unable to speak. It felt so natural and good to be of comfort to our beloved friend. Later, at home, I heard Sheri telling Darren about the visit and she said, "This visit was different as I felt the presence of the spirit of God moving about in that room." A spiritual experience is something Sheri said that no one can explain, a mystery, just between a person, and God. Sheri held our friend's hand and said a prayer for her before we left. I am learning how to be quiet during prayers and did real good with this one! Sheri gave me a treat when we started driving back home, as she said, 'Luci, you did a wonderful job today, comforting our sick friend, and I am proud of you!' She also petted me all the way home! That felt good! It makes me know that I am loved and respected...

Oh, one other comment, Sheri asked our friend if she thought I was becoming a good therapy pet dog and she nodded her head, 'yes.' I'm sure I saw tears in her eyes because she was so happy and at peace. I was just doing my job, as I love making sick people feel better and lift their spirits...

Until next time, I will say good night, sweet dreams, and God bless.
Lucille 'Luci' Ball