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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Visiting a friend at a local nursing facility/rehabiliation

It was December 23, 2010, and I had a Christmas gift and surprise for my friend at her new home. Luci didn't go with me as she hadn't been approved by the Activities Director. We are meeting with the AD sometime this week or next for her to meet Luci and observe her behavior. I will have a long talk with Luci before we go about good manners, and refraing from jumping up on people !

My friend was in good spirits and on her way to play Bingo when I arrived. I accompanied her there and she spoke to friends already seated. She found her way to a back table, her table for meals and games. It was apparant that she was happy about starting a new game of Bingo. It was amazing to see how the residents enjoyed the game and each other. I enjoyed watching my friend play 3 cards at a time with her keen eye and good hearing ! We visited in between games because I wanted her to stay focused on her game. She told me that she would have never 'dreamed she would be in a place like this, playing Bingo, and enjoying it!' It was good to see her happily adjusted and knowing she was in a safe place where her needs were being met.

My gift for her was a big cup of steaming hot Starbucks coffee ( her fav ), and vanilla scones. As we savored our coffee and nibbled our scones, we visited about the past and present and future for both our lives. It was a blessing I can't describe to visit with my friend and I look forward to more visits in 2011.