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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My First Pup Training Class...08.30.2010

Hi Friends and Fans,
I had an exciting first training class last evening with a professional TRAINER! And lots of other pups and their owners. We met with about six or seven other dogs and their owners on a big grassy vacant lot. At first a felt a bit shy but that didn't last long when another girl pup about my size and age came to greet me with her young boy-master who wanted us to meet and greet. I had my own ideas about that and felt fearful/threatened and barked with aggression a few times. The Trainer said this wasn't a good idea on the owner of the little back dog, as dogs don't like to be forced to meet each other. They meet each other a certain way, a dog's way, and it can't be rushed! That Trainer is smart, she knows how dogs feel and think! I was able to do all the exercises that all the other dogs were doing. My main problem is that I am not used to being on a non-retractable lease and the leash that Sheri had for me was new and different. I wasn't able to run around at random on my terms...that was a little hard to take at first. I did adapt to it as I found that treats were given when I followed the lead to my master, Sheri. The Trainer told us that I did really good when we walked around the other dogs and their owners, all in a big circle and didn't get off track, except once. We had to stop, Sheri said to me, 'Look at me' and pointed to her eyes and when our eyes met, in less than 3 seconds, she gave me a doggy treat, and we started walking again with me following her lead on a VERY short leash! It felt good to be outdoors with nice people who really cared about their dogs and shared their treats with me. Sheri left mine in our car! The dogs were all different types and breeds, many of whom Sheri or I have seen, that was interesting. There was one tiny black terrier type who was extra small that when he walked side by side with his master and got off track, she lifted the poor little pup right up off the ground! He couln't have weighed over 5 or 6 pounds! It made me feel a little sad as his little legs just dangled in the air. That sure wouldn't happen to me as I weigh a lot more than 5 pounds, probably around 25 pounds was what I remember from the last weigh in at the vet's clinic.

I was real thirsty and tired when the training was over and Sheri poured me a big cup of water when we got back in our car. She had to fill it again, I drank 2 cups of water! It was good to be back in our car, sitting on my side, the passenger's side, 'Luci's seat, as Sheri says.' I napped a while on our 30 minute drive home. Sheri was excited when we got home telling Harold and Darren about our first Training Session. They seemed really proud of me and I liked all the pats and hugs I got from them. I have a good life, a good pup's life with my family who love me a whole lot!

So long for now, until our next adventure, I will remain faithful to my family and friends...Luv, Luci