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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Visit with a friend in Nursing Home Rehab

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Amazing grace - André Rieu

Merry Christmas one and all
Although this isn't considered a Christmas song, it is appropriate for the Christmas Advent SeasonIf not for Christ's coming to this earth as a babe born in Bethlehem, over 2,000 years ago, we wouldn't have AMAZING GRACE
Blessing to all on this day ~ December 15, 2010
Sheri and Luci

Andre Rieu - Silent Night, Holy Night (Christmas instrumenta


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Drop Box

Happy Thanksgiving

Dear Friends and Fans,

Hoping that everyone will have a Happy Thanksgiving with family and loved ones tomorrow. Sheri has been expressing her attitude of gratitude for the tangible and intangible things of life. I'm not sure what those two words mean but I do know that I am thankful for the little things in my life that make me a special loved corgi pup in my family. Darren makes up games for me to play and he made me a new 'JUG on a String' yesterday. It wasn't quite the same as my old one, but I am getting used to it and 'JUG' is still my favorite of all the games we play. Darren takes extra time with me when he gets in late from work and plays outside on the grass with my yellow soft rubber freezbee. He tells me I'm getting better at it, just learning to jump real high with my short legs is hard, but I don't stop trying because I want to please him and get rewards of petting and hugging!

Sheri makes me feel special because she makes time for a daily walk down to the walking park and around the school and lets me stop often to smell flowers and other things that only a dog can love. She also makes up my meals with homemade doggy foods, people foods that agree with me, that doesn't upset my tummy. She read on the dog web about how to make homemade dogfood and boy do those meals beat all that ole canned and dry dog food with no taste! Sheri lets me sit in her lap when she is in her chair and massages my neck and back. Sometimes I get so relaxed that I take a nap and just relax. She also brushes my coat and I like that too because it feels so good!

Harold is a good man and he likes me a lot. He has 'spoiled' me with giving me a few 'Cherrios' at breakfast each morning. He tells me that I have 'it made' whatever that means...Sometimes I sleep with Harold if Darren isn't at home when it's bedtime, and Harold likes my company...he has told me that and I believe it. I like to rest on the big sofa along side Harold when he takes a nap. He tells me that I must be quiet and still and that's what I do because we do like those naps...

Last of all, I continually try to make friends with Kitty Kat (Sunshine) and sometimes she lets me get really close to her without hissing at me. I discovered that she likes to smell my food, and that's when I get a little defensive and protect that bowl of homemade food. Once in a while, Sheri will say, "I think you two animals are beginning to form a real relationship/friendship!" She says it with happiness in her voice and I like the sound of her voice when she talks like this.

It's a good life for me here in the DeLoach family...and I am thankful that God allowed me to be adopted by this family and love and care for me just like another person! Yes, I think I am a little person...sometimes...but Sheri says my 'dog instincts kick in when we are on walks!

Love with paw prints,
Luci Linda
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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Luci and Sheri on a walk today...10.14.2010

Hello friends,

Sorry I haven't written a blog for a while...just seems like time slips away these beautiful autumn days...so cool outdoors, wonderful weather for walks in the park with Sheri.

Today we had an late evening walk around the elementary school, playground, the meadow, and to the walking park. It was nice there, quiet, a cool breeze, and Sheri let me stop at my fav trees where I left my scent and picked up a few new ones! Oh, how much fun that walk in the park with all the trees and a big circular wide walk with a grassy playground in the middle. It felt really good to take our time and enjoy the beautiful weather with no other doggies there. I did one naughty thing that Sheri told me was not the thing to do. I noticed that Sheri had tossed her gum under a tree in a grassy spot, and something got into me that said, "you need that gum" and boy was it good for a few seconds until I accidently swolled it...I didn't feel too badly as this was the first time I'd gotten to taste and chew gum, even if it was 'used'! Next time, I'm hoping that Sheri will give me a new shiny piece of that spearmint she chews on our walks! After all, my family know I am a family member and like the same things they like...even chewing gum now!

More stories to come...lots has happened in the past month that I want to write about...so stay tuned...for my next blog...

Love to all my friends and fans,
Luci - "DoLittle" (sheri's latest nickname for me...that fits me...I like it)

Friday, September 10, 2010

Luci brings comfort and peace to our sick friend

September 10, 2010
Hello everyone,
This afternoon, Sheri came home from shopping and as she promised me, we drove out of town to visit our dear friend who is very sick with 'ALS.' I am not sure what that means, but I do like to go visit her because we have a connection that no one can explain. Sheri calls it, 'Luci's innate ability to sense when a sick person needs comfort and love from an animal.'

When we got to the nursing home, Sheri walked me around the place for a potty break. She says the walk helps give me and her too, a good workout! The gardener had put out new fall flowers, mums, in bright yellows and reds in the flower gardens. Color Spots, as Sheri told me. I had to examine the fresh, soft, good smelling soil in that flower bed because it sure looked like a good place I might dig, sometime...when all alone, as that is one of my fav things to do...

When we went inside, there were several little grey haired ladies in wheelchairs that noticed me and wanted to pet me and talk about their pets in their past. One elderly gentleman paid special attention to me and told us that he knew our friend and that she sure is a nice lady! Sheri notified the nurse at the nurse's station that we were here to visit our friend. Her room is right next to where the nurses sit when not helping other residents.

Sheri knocked on the door and said, 'Hello,........., Luci and I are here to visit you!" ( in her most cheerful voice!) and asked if she would like a visit. Of course she did and nodded her head, 'yes.' I sensed that our friend was sicker than I'd seen her last time and I wanted to get close and lay by her. Sheri pulled a chair up really close to her hospital bed, and told me to jump up in (Sheri's lap.) I did what she said because I knew our sweet friend would like to see me and let me give her a few butterfly kisses on her hand. Sheri began to share things that had happened since we last visited. I wanted to get closer to her, so Sheri let me lay on the edge of her bed, with my head facing down, and I snuggled up real close, so she could feel my heart beating and hear my breathing. It was comfortable there, and I felt at home and took a nap. I was still as a mouse because I knew this is important when people are not feeling well. Our friend expressed to Sheri that she really loved me being there with her and feeling me close to her. Sometimes our friend would make a groaning sound of pleasure about me, because she is unable to speak. It felt so natural and good to be of comfort to our beloved friend. Later, at home, I heard Sheri telling Darren about the visit and she said, "This visit was different as I felt the presence of the spirit of God moving about in that room." A spiritual experience is something Sheri said that no one can explain, a mystery, just between a person, and God. Sheri held our friend's hand and said a prayer for her before we left. I am learning how to be quiet during prayers and did real good with this one! Sheri gave me a treat when we started driving back home, as she said, 'Luci, you did a wonderful job today, comforting our sick friend, and I am proud of you!' She also petted me all the way home! That felt good! It makes me know that I am loved and respected...

Oh, one other comment, Sheri asked our friend if she thought I was becoming a good therapy pet dog and she nodded her head, 'yes.' I'm sure I saw tears in her eyes because she was so happy and at peace. I was just doing my job, as I love making sick people feel better and lift their spirits...

Until next time, I will say good night, sweet dreams, and God bless.
Lucille 'Luci' Ball

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My First Pup Training Class...08.30.2010

Hi Friends and Fans,
I had an exciting first training class last evening with a professional TRAINER! And lots of other pups and their owners. We met with about six or seven other dogs and their owners on a big grassy vacant lot. At first a felt a bit shy but that didn't last long when another girl pup about my size and age came to greet me with her young boy-master who wanted us to meet and greet. I had my own ideas about that and felt fearful/threatened and barked with aggression a few times. The Trainer said this wasn't a good idea on the owner of the little back dog, as dogs don't like to be forced to meet each other. They meet each other a certain way, a dog's way, and it can't be rushed! That Trainer is smart, she knows how dogs feel and think! I was able to do all the exercises that all the other dogs were doing. My main problem is that I am not used to being on a non-retractable lease and the leash that Sheri had for me was new and different. I wasn't able to run around at random on my terms...that was a little hard to take at first. I did adapt to it as I found that treats were given when I followed the lead to my master, Sheri. The Trainer told us that I did really good when we walked around the other dogs and their owners, all in a big circle and didn't get off track, except once. We had to stop, Sheri said to me, 'Look at me' and pointed to her eyes and when our eyes met, in less than 3 seconds, she gave me a doggy treat, and we started walking again with me following her lead on a VERY short leash! It felt good to be outdoors with nice people who really cared about their dogs and shared their treats with me. Sheri left mine in our car! The dogs were all different types and breeds, many of whom Sheri or I have seen, that was interesting. There was one tiny black terrier type who was extra small that when he walked side by side with his master and got off track, she lifted the poor little pup right up off the ground! He couln't have weighed over 5 or 6 pounds! It made me feel a little sad as his little legs just dangled in the air. That sure wouldn't happen to me as I weigh a lot more than 5 pounds, probably around 25 pounds was what I remember from the last weigh in at the vet's clinic.

I was real thirsty and tired when the training was over and Sheri poured me a big cup of water when we got back in our car. She had to fill it again, I drank 2 cups of water! It was good to be back in our car, sitting on my side, the passenger's side, 'Luci's seat, as Sheri says.' I napped a while on our 30 minute drive home. Sheri was excited when we got home telling Harold and Darren about our first Training Session. They seemed really proud of me and I liked all the pats and hugs I got from them. I have a good life, a good pup's life with my family who love me a whole lot!

So long for now, until our next adventure, I will remain faithful to my family and friends...Luv, Luci

Friday, August 27, 2010

A Visit to the Park/Cemetery...

Hello my doggy loving friends,

Yesterday, Sheri drove us to a new place I'd never visited! It was really BIG and lots of trees, a playground with little kids playing, a few strange looking dogs on the walking track with their masters. At first it appeared okay with all the trees and mulch around them, that had new and different odors. Sheri and I walked a 1/2 mile on the track, then she let me explore things! I especially liked the oldest cemetery in our town. We walked on the perimeters, observing tall monuments as Sheri would tell me what some of the said! On the back of one of those big stones, engraved, was a question...Have You Seen My Sweetie? Sheri said she'd never seen anything like that encrypted on a grave stone monument, and especially in bold black letters. It felt a little strange and erry. Right after that I took off toward our our car, barked a few times, saying, 'let's go home!' Guess I was out of my comfort zone for sure! Sheri told me that the dog trainer told her to start taking me to different places now that I'm the right age. It is supposed to help me become part of this great big world with interest and acceptance! Sheri reassures me when I feel a little scared that she is right with me and just relax. Our visit today was one of times I felt more than a little scared in that cemetery. Hope we don't re-visit there anytime soon! Luv to all my friends, Luci. Can't end anymore with dog days of summer, the weather has finally broken into cooler temps and rain earlier in the week..it is SO nice to be outside!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Monday, July 26, 2010

A Nursing Home Visit

It was last Friday afternoon when Sheri informed me that we were going to take a ride in her car! Just saying those words throw me into a frenzy of excitement. I ran around the house several times, out of sheer happiness! She brushed my coat really well, she says my shedding has slowed down, but I really don't mind her brushing me, it feels sorta good and I've learned to turn over from the right side to my left side when Sheri asks me to.

Well, Sheri put my pink collar on with the pink leash and of course, I went into my extreme excited behavior and even barked once in the house...Sheri asks me to 'not bark in the house' and I am good about not barking inside the house but she seems to understand why I have to bark just once when we are going out for a visit in her car!

Sheri put a big fitted sheet on the passenger's seat for me, as she said, 'Luci, your shedding hair is a problem on my car seats!" She fixed a small cup of water in one of the drink holders for me and buckles me up before we left the house. I was pretty happy and excited but I stayed in my seat and stood up on the console to watch the cars and trucks behind us. It took us about 30 minutes to get to the nursing home to visit our sweet friend who loves me to come because she has to live here now. She misses her 5 dogs she had to leave at home. Our friend was having dinner when we arrived so Sheri took me for a walk around the nursing home. Then we visited other residents that reached out for me and wanted to pet my head. I love people, all ages, and especially those elderly folks who appear to be soooo sad, but right away, they begin to smile and become happy to see me and want to talk to me and tell me about their dogs they once had. Meeting new people is one of my favorite things in my short puppy life, it's just pure fun! I like to make people happy when they are sad...Sheri says that's one of my jobs and it doesn't even seem like work at all!!!!

After about an hour, our friend finished her dinner and came back into her room, (her home,) as Sheri tells me, and we must always knock and ask to be invited into someone's home/room at the nursing home. She says I am learning good manners and that this is very important.

Our friend was delighted to see me and began smiling and looking so happy and pleased that we had come to visit. Our friend likes for me to step up on her knees and I let her pet my head and I lick her hands because Sheri says it's okay, as our friend likes this. But Sheri warns me that I don't step up on anyone or jump up on anyone or lick them unless they tell me it's O.K.! We brought our friend some special foods and sodas that she likes and stocked up her little frig. I could tell that our friend was thankful, even though she can't speak, I can sense it through her head movements and smiles.

Our visit was fun and good therapy for our friend and as Sheri tells me, good therapy for us too! The nursing staff know me now and they comment on how well behaved I am! Guess that means I am nice!

I was ready to go home after about another hour. Our dear friend loves me very much and wants Sheri to bring me back real soon.

I slept for the 30 mile drive back home after I took a big drink of water. It was good to get back to familiar surrounding, my big back yard where I can run and chase birds and squirels and sometimes a cat! I am saving my cat story for next time. So, until then, Happy Doggy Days of summer. Love to all, Luci (Lu-Lu)-a pet name that I rather like!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

luci, my pet therapy corgi dog: Early morning walks with Sheri

luci, my pet therapy corgi dog: Early morning walks with Sheri: "Sheri and I go on early morning walks in the neighborhood. My favorite places to go are grassy open meadows behind our home. I know the wa..."

Sheri takes me, Luci, on a our exciting morning walk!

Hi Friends and dog lovers,

This morning I was so excited when Sheri brought out my pink collar and leash that I could hardly contain my emotions! I jumped up on Sheri and ran around in a few circles before she can get me calm enough to hook my up! I've learned to jump up on a patio chair, facing Sheri, and this lets her get the collar on me pretty fast, and then the leash is a snap. I like to bite at the leash a few times before we get out of the back yard, don't know why, guess it must be a left over behavior from my early puppy days! Sheri says it's part of the 'puppy anxiety' that goes along with just the thought of taking a long walk!

Our walk went well, into the meadow and along the creek that had hardly any water in it today. I tried to find just one spot for a drink but that spot was too deep down the creek's edge, but I tried anyway! Sheri gave me a stern, 'don't jump into that deep place, Luci!'

When we got us into the residential area, here comes a BIG friendly male boxer ( no collar or tags) approaching us...and my nature is to be shy with the big dogs, even if they are friendly...just something about that huge size, almost 4 times my height, and a very loooong wagging tail that appeared as long as his whole body. He was so nice and wanted so badly to play with me, and once he got so close that he touched my nose, and I instinctly jumped back a pace and got between Sheri's legs for protection. Sheri told me that this big boxer dog, we named, "Mr. Big Boxer' was a friendly dog and most likely had a home near by but had gotten away as he roamed freely. I wanted to be nice but it was just too overwhelming that he could become my friend right away. Sheri told me that we must call the 'Animal Protection Service' through the local police department and report that ' Mr. Big Boxer' was on the loose and scaring me. That's what she did and the 'Dog Protection Truck' came in about 10 minutes, as we waited under the shade of some trees. Mr. Big Boxer stayed right with us and kept attempting to get close to me and touch noses, but I just couldn't bring myself to let that happen again. The nice man in the 'Dog Protection Truck' must have had a way with dogs, because Mr. Big Boxer went running right to him and a collar was soon on him. The nice man, we named, Mr. Nice, asked if Mr. Big had bothered or hurt me, and Sheri told him, 'No, just scared her' but we wanted to get him to a safe place so his owner could find him. Mr. Nice told us that he could scan Mr. Big for a micro chip right there in his truck, and if he had one, his owner would be called and Mr. Big would go home real soon. Whew...Wow...what a new and scary experience for me, Lil Luci, and my first confrontation with a big male boxer dog who was friendly. Sheri tells me that each time we encounter a new dog like we did today, it will help me to learn more of 'dog socialization' which Sheri thinks is important for my emotional/mental health! I am really not sure about all of the things that humans think important for Lil dogs? :(.....

Well, that's about it for today...I was really happy to get back home in my big back yard and romped in the sprinkler system that on full blast. Sheri and I were quite hot, and that was a fun cool down! Until next blog, happy dog days of summer and I would love to hear from your with comments at the end of our blogs?! Puppy luv, Lil Luci...

Saturday, July 10, 2010

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Early morning walks with Sheri

Sheri and I go on early morning walks in the neighborhood. My favorite places to go are grassy open meadows behind our home. I know the way to my best wadding creek and watering hole where I slurp up a few drinks of fresh running water. You see, we've been blessed with an abundance of rain this summer, along with extra humidity and heat. And I do get extra hot on these walks! I like to chase a baby cotton tail rabbit that lives in the meadow, and stop along along certain fence lines that have pups about my size. One little male terrier continues to wag his tale at me and whines for a nose touch or smell or something....so far I've played coy, as I haven't had a lot of what Sheri calls, 'animal socialization' which sounds like too big a word for me to understand. But, she says I'm coming along, especially with our family kitty kat who has lived in our home a lot longer than I, in fact she is really 'old' according to 'cat age', she's 10 and going on 20. (she is a grouch) She's rather set in her ways and didn't dream Sheri would bring a 'DOG' to live in HER home! She hasn't accepted me yet, even after a year of trying hard to 'talk' kitty kat sounds to her! I don't give up easily and one of these days, we'll get 'socialized' or whatever that awful sounding word means. I do understand words and sentences that Sheri, and her husband and son say to me. They say I'm smart and bright for a year old puppy. My greatest fear is getting caught finishing off kitty kat's food...one day Sheri just threatened me with a rolled up newspaper, and it hurt my feelings so badly that it took at least 10 minutes to recover. Well, it's late and Sheri mentioned that she is taking me for a walk to my favorite meadow...just maybe I'll see that little cottontail baby rabbit I can chase! More next time...Happy Summer Dog Days to one and all....Luv, Lucille 'Luci' Ball...Sheri named me after this famous person because I'm red on the head and I make everyone smile and even laugh out loud with my funny nature.