Saturday, July 10, 2010

Early morning walks with Sheri

Sheri and I go on early morning walks in the neighborhood. My favorite places to go are grassy open meadows behind our home. I know the way to my best wadding creek and watering hole where I slurp up a few drinks of fresh running water. You see, we've been blessed with an abundance of rain this summer, along with extra humidity and heat. And I do get extra hot on these walks! I like to chase a baby cotton tail rabbit that lives in the meadow, and stop along along certain fence lines that have pups about my size. One little male terrier continues to wag his tale at me and whines for a nose touch or smell or far I've played coy, as I haven't had a lot of what Sheri calls, 'animal socialization' which sounds like too big a word for me to understand. But, she says I'm coming along, especially with our family kitty kat who has lived in our home a lot longer than I, in fact she is really 'old' according to 'cat age', she's 10 and going on 20. (she is a grouch) She's rather set in her ways and didn't dream Sheri would bring a 'DOG' to live in HER home! She hasn't accepted me yet, even after a year of trying hard to 'talk' kitty kat sounds to her! I don't give up easily and one of these days, we'll get 'socialized' or whatever that awful sounding word means. I do understand words and sentences that Sheri, and her husband and son say to me. They say I'm smart and bright for a year old puppy. My greatest fear is getting caught finishing off kitty kat's day Sheri just threatened me with a rolled up newspaper, and it hurt my feelings so badly that it took at least 10 minutes to recover. Well, it's late and Sheri mentioned that she is taking me for a walk to my favorite meadow...just maybe I'll see that little cottontail baby rabbit I can chase! More next time...Happy Summer Dog Days to one and all....Luv, Lucille 'Luci' Ball...Sheri named me after this famous person because I'm red on the head and I make everyone smile and even laugh out loud with my funny nature.

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  1. Hi, this is me, Luci, taking a quick dip/wade in the meadowland creek this evening - 07.10.2010