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Friday, February 18, 2011

'Sunshine after the Storm'

Luci and I were walking yesterday around the elementary school, our usual paths when I was struck by the cloud formations !  Luci was pitter-pattering along doing her own thing, when I said, "Luci, we must stop here and make a picture!"
She knows what this command means and stops immediately !  She was still and waited until I finished making a series of the formations, each one quickly changing  !  One in particular stood out and was chosen for posting on Facebook-'Project 365.'  This is a closed group of photographers who have agreed to make a photo a day for this year, 2011, 365 days.  Until I was invited to join this group, and began to see the beautiful cloud, sky, sunrise, sunset photos, of others,  did I start this 'sky venture.'  Fun Fun Fun !!!
After posting the photo and commenting that I would like suggestions for naming it !  They began to roll in !  All creative !  All different !   All like God intended !  Special and Unique !
I hope you will enjoy this short blog and more about what Luci and I do on our long walks ! 
Would like your comments !
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Sheri and Luci - Lucile Ball -  people remember that name immediately !  My new trainner calls me Lucille, and I like it !

'Turning Gray Skies to Sunny Skies- by Marcia Piepgrass- guest blogger


 'Turning Gray Skies to Sunny Skies' 

Go to this blog spot for Marcia Piepgrass' story. 

Leave comment(s) if so moved !!!

'Turning Gray Skies to Sunny Skies' author- Marcia Piepgrass-

My friend, Marcia Piepgrass, with a blog named 'Gracious Interiors' wrote an inspiring story and accepted my invitation to have it posted on my blogspot - here !

I hope you will find it a real blessing and something you refer back to when you think about our Saviour and His sacrifice for us.