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Saturday, January 15, 2011

On a write journey following God: Snippets from the Sages: This One's for Writers

On a write journey following God: Snippets from the Sages: This One's for Writers

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Luci's meets Activities Director January 07,2011

Luci meets Activities Director ~ Latest Blog ~ 01.10.2011


I knew something was different this morning as I watched Sheri getting things tidied up around the house early ! She told me after a while that is was MY DAY to meet the Activities Director at the nursing place at 11:00AM ! When Sheri tells me we are going somewhere in the car, I begin to go for my leash and collar, even though it's not quite time to leave.
Finally, were ready to go and I helped Sheri put on my collar ! She told me what a good girl I am and reminded me how to behave once we meet the Activities Director most of all, I am not to jump up on anyone unless they invite me. I know that but sometimes it helps to be reminded when I am soooo excited !
We got there in about 10 minutes, and I was jumping out of my passenger seat into Sheri's lap wanting to get out and go inside ! The place is huge and beautiful and has lots of people living there. Sheri told me it was their home and we must treat each room as that person's home because it really is! I pretty much learned that from my last visits to our friend in the country nursing home.
The Activity Director was nice and had a kind look on her face. She liked me right away as she leaned down and began to talk and pet my head and chest. She said, "You are a pretty dog, let's go meet some of the residents." We walked down the hall to the dinning room where many people sat in wheel chairs waiting for lunch to be served. The AD lady told us that she knew the people that liked dogs and had dogs at the home they had to leave. The first person we met was a kindly older gentleman who began to smile at once when we met him. He petted my head and told me about his dog that he had for a long time and how special that dog was to him and how he misses him everyday. Sheri looked a bit sad, but in a minute, she began to smile again, knowing that I was making him happy and remember the good times with his doggie. We walked on through the dining room and met a nice lady who reached out to me and wanted me to step up on her knees. Sheri told me it was okay since she asked me to do this. I think she wanted to pet my head and and hug me like she did with her little dog she left behind. She told me all about the doggie and how much she loves dogs. She told me, "You are a pretty little dog, and well behaved!" Sheri had a big grin on her face when she heard this remark ! My job is to love people and make them smile and bring happiness to them, it isn't hard at all, I love my job!
We met a couple in their home, a man and his wife, who invited us inside. They too were sweet and had kind eyes and began to tell us about their dog, a little black poodle they loved so much. I went straight to the man and wanted to meet him and let him pet me. It was so much fun visiting this nice place with many people who brightened up the minute they saw me! I can tell when people like me and want to be friends!
After this visit we went back to the Activities Room and talked with the Activities Director. She told Sheri that she would love for me to come back and visit every week, on Thursday afternoon. They agreed on the time and next visit. I sat quietly beside Sheri while they were talking, seemed like a long time, but I was patient as I knew this was important in getting to go back next week! This place had a nice odor about it that I liked. Sheri noticed too and commented on how wonderfully clean and fresh the nursing home smelled. She told me that's a good sign to a nice and well run nursing facility. Sheri also told me that she did two internships here at this place while getting her ASS/Degree, whatever AAS/Degree means, but it did sound important and something she was proud of doing!
I can hardly wait until next Thursday when we go back for our next visit. We will keep you updated with a new blog! Oh...one more thing...Sheri stopped at the Dollar Store and bought me a special treat because she said, "Luci, you were a good girl and well behaved today and made people happy." I liked the treat and knew it had been a very good morning!
Bye for now and may God bless each of you!
Love and Paw Prints,
Luci 01.09.2011

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