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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Shopping in a Pet Store

February 9, 2010

Yesterday I headed to the closest Pet Smart Store to purchase a special dog food for Luci.  Her choice is Blue Buffalo, Basics, made from nature's bounty of plants.

 I had a $5.00 coupon from Blue Buffalo, however, it was for their pupply mixes !

  The sales person, a dog trainner for the store was kind enough to take the coupon anyway, lest I not make the purchase! 

My conversation with Ms Sales Lady turned out to be a blessing in disguise.  She had time on her hands and was willing to listen to my story of Luci's resistance/non socialized with other dogs !  She had the perfect solution of a Training Class to begin on February 14, 2011 for socializing dogs !  I was excited and after hearing the details, I signed Luci up for the next six weeks !  The cost was more than I expected...as I had to pay upfront for all the classes...Ms. Sales Lady threw in another $10.00 discount coupon ! 

I was told to bring something that belonged to Luci so othat she would feel at ease for her first encounter with other canines !  I suggested her bed, which she loves, but after thinking it over, she might get confused with 'going to bed '  at her lesson !

More work for Luci's 'parent'  coming up with something she likes and feels is hers...hummm...the thought arises that she may be possessive about what's hers...oooooh...the woes of a new 'Adventure with Luci'...

More to come after our first class !