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Friday, March 4, 2011

Visiting Ms. Sweetest at Nursing Home

Yesterday afternoon, Sheri and I drove to the nursing home where we met the nicest, kindest, and sweetest lady !  She was out in the Commons Area of the facility, sitting in a wheelchair, next the the nurses station.  We went right up to her and Sheri, put her hand softly on new lady's shoulder because she was asleep and we didn't want to scare her.  Sheri asked her if she'd like to go sit at a table and meet me !  :))  "Yes of course, " she replied.  A nurse pushed her to the table where proper introductions were made.  Ms. Sweet Lady loved me at first sight and wanted me close to her so she could run her hands through my thick coat of fur ! She said, "Luci, your fur feels so clean and nice."  Sheri told her I'd had a bath and grooming the day before !

 It was nice to meet Ms Sweet Lady, and that she appreciated a visit and liked me !   Sheri sat two chairs together and sat me in her lap so that my long body had plenty of room to stretch out.  I was quite comfortable and felt at ease with the surrounding and other people stopping by to 'steal' a hug or talk to me.  Ms. Sweet Lady told us about her dog that she had long ago and how much she loved him.  His name was Standford and he was her constant companion.  I could tell how much she loved him because her eyes would tear up a bit and eye lids got really red...just thinking about him. 

We had another friend to visit and that was fun because we got invited inside her home.  This was my first meeting and she was delighted that I came!  Our friend was happy and smiling at me and kept petting me on the head and rubbed my left paw a lot.  She made me feel good and I knew she liked dogs.  I sat on Sheri's lap until our friend said, "Sheri, I think Luci would like down and explore my home a bit!"  She was right !  I jumped down and got to sniff around under the bed.  I found a piece of chocolate candy and I  gave it to our friend.  You see, she has a big basket of different kinds of candies, at the foot of her bed,  and gives it away to nurses and friends.  She also has a donation jar that people drop coins inside to help pay for more candy!   She is a really neat lady !   She told me, "Luci, you know that dogs are never to eat chocolate candy, don't you?"  I knew the answer was "Never" and Sheri told her that I knew.  I started to shake my head 'yes' I know, but didn't this time.

Another lady who had visited a friend was leaving and stopped by to chat a few minutes.  She knew all about Corgi dogs and asked if I would go visit her friend because she loves dogs !  She gave Sheri her friend's name.  We will have to get permission from the Nursing Staff before we go visit her.  This lady told Sheri and I that 'we have a wonderful ministry.'  Guess that's a good thing as it made everyone happy to hear it !

Our visit was awesome and I want to go back next week, same time, same place, same ladies,  and meeting new people...

Love and Puppy Kisses,
Lucille 'Luci' Ball - I prefer to be called Luci, but some people call me Luci Ball !  That's okay too ! :))

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  1. This is a wonderful thing you and Luci do, so many lonely people.