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Friday, February 4, 2011

Luci - romping - through - the - SNOW

This morning we awoke to a beautiful blanket of white snow covering everything! Nothing can compare to fresh fallen snow, several inches deep in our part of Texas!   I wondered how Luci might react as she is caucious about walking through 'new elements'?

Alas, she made her appearance in the kitchen where I doing my Bible Study.  I opened slidling door  and she stood there a moment when suddendly, she dashed out in the snow, making serveral rapid fire jaunts around the yard, ran off the birds, made her statement, claiming the territory and continued to rum, jump, and romp in the snow!  She was like a 3-4 year child, experiencing snow for the first time, excited and happy!  I was surprised, as she doesn't like cold weather and won't go out for long for her potty breaks!  However, this was different and she was making the most of it !  Our son was outside watching her and she uncovered her 'JUG on a Rope' and brought it to him, wanting to play'JUG' !  He gently declined her offer this time...

It was pure joy for me to watch her frolic in the new discovery of real - pristine - pure -  dry - white -snow !  I made some photos of this event,  although it was difficult to get her still long enough to make a pic!

This will go down in Luci's Adventures as one most memorable and for me - WHAT A BLESSING -   Dogs and Kids are one with a snow today!  Something to relish and cherish because in Central Texas snowfalls are rare !