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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

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Luci's first official visit to meet residents at Nursing/Rehab Center

The weather was bitterly cold that day, but Sheri told me 'we are going anyway to visit those nice people at the nursing home, because they are expecting us.' With those words, I got a 'tizzy' just thinking about riding in the car and visiting people and making new friends! It was a blast! Really fun ! I never meet a stranger and everyone liked me and wanted to hold and pet me. A nice lady offered me a 'treat' a real human cookie that Sheri said was okay to have 'this time' but only one ! One man just loved Corgi's and he asked if he could take me around and introduce me to his friends living there. He liked to call me a CORGEE, CORGEE, CORGEE, in his loud voice! I know that when Sheri says Corgi, she says, "CorKEE" ! ha ha ! We brought our friend a big mug of her fav coffee made with 'expresso'! Our friend said this 'expresso' gave her a big boost of energy and she felt so much better after a few sips! I noticed she was quite storng as she reached down and 'picked me up' from the floor to sit in her lap! It was okay, although I prefer to sit on my own, unless it's at home and Sheri lets me sit in her lap while we watch TV! Our friend misses her husband a whole lot as he passed away a few years ago. I heard her tell Sheri that she wants to see him and be with him soon. She said, "We both believe in Jesus, and I know he is there with Jesus in heaven just waiting for me." Sheri wiped a tear away along with our nice friend, but we all knew what she meant!

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